Colorado State Review Panelists Application

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  • References

    Provide contact information for two references that would be able to speak about skills/tasks needed of panelists.
  • Educational Background

  • Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest, and Assurances

  • Confidentiality

    Each review team member shall maintain confidentiality about their assigned school or district reviews. No member shall disclose the contents of feedback to anyone outside of the team. All conversations and determinations of the team (including assignments, teammates, etc.) shall be kept confidential – even after the work of the State Review Panel has concluded.

    Conflict of Interest

    By participating in the State Review Panel, all review team members must affirm that they do not have a personal or financial interest regarding their assigned schools or districts. All such potential conflicts of interest situations must be reported to the SchoolWorks Project Manager prior to reviewing the body of evidence. See the examples of conflict of interest below. Furthermore, the special knowledge that panelists have as a result of the review may not be leveraged to promote future gain (e.g., financial, employment).


    By checking the box below, I understand and agree to the following: • To have read and understand the roles and responsibilities of being a State Review Panelist; I will work with the utmost excellence, integrity, and impartiality in carrying out my responsibilities. • To understand that my name will be associated as being a panelist; recommendations of the panel will be used to determine actions by the State Board in relation to schools and districts. • To be accountable in confidentiality and quality of service to the process and review team. • To actively monitor and provide timely notification of any identified conflict of interest. • To spend the required time to ensure that a quality report is developed for the school/district. • The review is to support an accountability process. I will not solicit the school/district to provide technical assistance or market any consulting services to assigned schools/districts at any point during or after the State Review Panel process.

  • Examples of conflict of interest may include, but are not limited to:
    • You, a family member, or close associate/relative have a financial interest in an assigned school or district (e.g., have a contract or are employed by the school or district). • You have been offered an opportunity to serve as a consultant or employee of an assigned school or district. • You helped prepare, provided comments, or otherwise reviewed any portion of the assigned school or district’s Unified Improvement Plan. • You, your spouse, your employer (current or within the last 12 months), your spouse’s employer, or a close colleague have an interest (financial or otherwise) in the outcome of the review currently or in the future. • An organization with which you are seeking employment have a financial or other interest in the outcome for an assigned school or district. • You serve as a support or as a volunteer of an assigned school or district. • You have previously expressed an interest in your children or grandchildren attending an assigned school or district. • You are aware of any other circumstance(s) that might cause someone to question your impartiality in serving as a reviewer for an assigned school or district.

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