Case Study: Leadership Coaching
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SchoolWorks partners with the KIPP Foundation by facilitating a yearlong course called Strategic Planning for Student Achievement specifically for the KIPP Successor Prep cohort program. In the program, Successor Preps work closely with a SchoolWorks facilitator over the period of one year to create and implement a First Year Strategic Action Plan FYSAP. Once the First Year Strategic Plan is finalized by the school and stakeholders , SchoolWorks conducts a two-day review (Successor Leader Site Visit) at each participant’s school to identify the school’s strengths and areas for improvement regarding the operationalizing of the key priority in the FYSAP. The SchoolWorks facilitator then works with the Successor Prep cohort to revise their FYSAP by prioritizing the needs identified by the findings of the review.

The Challenge
  • To extend this support, KIPP Dream in Houston, Texas contracted SchoolWorks to provide ongoing coaching for the school leader, following the conclusion of her participation in the Successor Prep cohort in 2015 to ensure that the school continued to engage in Strategic Action Planning for the upcoming school years.
SchoolWorks Approach
  • Provide support to the school leader to draft the upcoming annual plan and build the leadership team’s capacity to develop and implement the annual plan
  • 2-to-3-hours of remote coaching per month
The Results
  • In 2018 KIPP Dream appeared on the State’s list of the top 25% of schools closing performance gaps
  • KIPP Dream received a 91% rating for academic growth, a 100% rating for closing achievement gaps and a 94% overall rating on Texas Education Agency’s 2018 Accountability Reports
Dates: 2015 – present


"Ongoing coaching support from SchoolWorks has made the path toward school improvement clear. Coaching has provided the accountability and support to keep my team focused on executing the plan.  Our Leadership team has been able to drive results, support our teachers and push our students to make significant academic gains in all content areas."
- Haley Simonton-Bonilla, School Leader

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