January, 2016

At SchoolWorks, we believe that accountability for results is an essential component of every successful organization. Our Client Satisfaction Survey is one way of measuring our success in providing high-quality services and supports. We regularly survey clients, including school leaders and representatives from states, districts, foundations or charter management organizations, regarding their overall level of satisfaction with our work.

The results from our most recent Client Satisfaction Survey show that the vast majority of respondents indicated that they were highly satisfied with the services and supports provided by SchoolWorks’ teams. Of the fifteen respondents, 93% indicated overall satisfaction with SchoolWorks (similar to a rating of 95% from respondents in the fall of 2015).

One of our core values is to serve our clients through collaborating and learning with them. Toward that end, we survey clients about our communication, our ability to collaborate in a positive and effective manner, and our ability to respond to the feedback and needs of our clients. Results from this recent survey indicated that in all of these areas, 93% of clients stated that they “strongly agreed” or “agreed” that we met their expectations.

The results from all survey questions are represented below:

Client feedback matters to us and we believe that transparency in performance is important. In two areas (timely completion of expected deliverables, and providing processes and products that fully meet expectations), 87% of respondents indicated a high level of satisfaction. However, a couple of respondents indicated that while they felt the SchoolWorks reports were generally of a high quality, in some cases, the quality of reports was variable or reports were not delivered as quickly as expected. This feedback will guide us in (1) providing additional appropriate supports and feedback to our writers, and (2) managing a strict timeline that consistently results in quick turnaround time to provide written reports to clients.

The results from one of our survey questions provides a Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS methodology asks the key question, “How likely are you to recommend SchoolWorks to a friend or colleague?” The response options range from zero for “not at all likely” to 10 for “extremely likely.” Scores selected as a 9 or 10 are considered promoters, and scores from zero through 6 are considered detractors. The result is calculated by subtracting the proportion of detractors from the proportion of promoters and converting the number to a percentage, which equals the Net Promoter Score. Companies that achieve an NPS of at least 50 percent are considered “World Class.” We are proud to share that SchoolWorks earned a score of 60%, a 10% increase over scores from fall 2014.


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