Clients Indicate a High Level of Satisfaction: Results from the 2016 Client Satisfaction Survey

Our most recent Client Satisfaction Survey was completed by 12 clients served during the Winter and Spring of 2016. Consistent with results from similar surveys conducted over the past three years, clients indicated an extremely high level of satisfaction with SchoolWorks. All (100%) of these recent clients agreed or strongly agreed that they would choose to work again with SchoolWorks on future projects and indicated a strong level of satisfaction with their recent collaboration with us. Survey respondents were asked to rate (on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being “extremely likely”) the likelihood of their recommending SchoolWorks to a friend or colleague. 50% of respondents provided a rating of 10; another 42% gave a rating of either 9 or 8. One client noted, “SchoolWorks has very knowledgeable and experienced staff who have the ability to provide the specific services requested in contracts.”

More specifically, clients identified SchoolWorks’ strengths in critical areas. For example, 100% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the SchoolWorks teams communicated effectively with their organizations. One of our core values is that we serve our clients best by collaborating and learning with them. Results from the survey showed that all clients agreed or strongly agreed that the SchoolWorks teams established positive, collaborative relationships with them. For example, one respondent indicated, “Our schools responded positively to the SchoolWorks staff and the process.” Further, all clients agreed or strongly agreed that SchoolWorks was responsive to their feedback and needs. One respondent stated, “We were provided with all of the tools we needed to implement our plans. They were very responsive.” In addition, another client stated, “When a miscommunication/misunderstanding occurred at the very end of our project, SchoolWorks worked quickly and effectively to make the issue ‘right’ and ensure that the product they provided was of the highest quality possible.”

At SchoolWorks, we seek to understand the context and practices of schools, districts, school networks, authorizers, and communities through evidence-based processes. On the survey, clients identified specific processes and products from our full continuum of services that fully met their expectations. For instance, one client listed “school quality review site visits, reports, and support.” Another indicated that “consulting, school visit coordination, and school reviews” were particularly effective. One client stated, “Our organization appreciates the professionalism, ease of use, and completeness of all SchoolWorks’ processes and products.”


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