Fueling Innovation in Education

Participants from December’s visit between schools and after a delicious lunch at Haley House in Roxbury. Great conversation about education reform over jerk chicken, sweet potato mash, and greens. This fall, SchoolWorks had the opportunity to be part of a foundation-supported, long-term, grass-roots effort to transform... read more

BSRI, Beyond the Numbers

Our work with the Bay State Reading Institute (BSRI) has come full circle. In 2010, BSRI was one of the first group of recipients of the federal Investing in Innovation (i3) Grant. SchoolWorks supported the development of the highly competitive grant by collaborating with BSRI on its original proposal and then serving as... read more

Making Learning Walks Work

As part of our work coaching principals in Lynn Public Schools, we’ve focused on building their capacity to serve as instructional leaders within their buildings. As we’ve seen principals become more confident about conducting observations and providing focused feedback, we’ve learned that one of the best ways that... read more

SchoolWorks Promotes Collaboration and Consistency in Chelsea Public Schools

In the winter of 2015, SchoolWorks partnered with Chelsea Public Schools to conduct School Quality Reviews (SQRs) at five of the district’s schools. These visits were formative in nature – they aimed to support ongoing improvement efforts at these schools, but were not part of a formal accountability system. Each SQR... read more

Introducing SchoolWorks Charter Application Bootcamp!

Thinking of launching a charter school? Not sure where to begin? Check out our new online course, brought to you by the trusted experts at SchoolWorks.