SchoolWorks Remote and Hybrid Learning Improvement Tool

Tested with a pilot of Massachusetts schools in Spring of 2020, SchoolWorks and the Institute for Strategic Leadership and Learning (INSTLL) have developed a unique research tool that provides standardized, evidence-based insight into: (1) how teachers are implementing hybrid or remote learning strategies and (2) the impact of different strategies on student engagement and learning. Using a comprehensive online survey, our team collects targeted input from teachers and staff in order to surface key strengths and challenges in program content and delivery. Schools get fast, actionable insight into what’s working, and what’s not.

Participation requires less than 30 minutes for teachers and administrators, and analysis is available within 2 weeks.

Low Effort, Quick Results:
  • Prep: The school leader provides a staff list including names and email addresses.
  • Survey: Our team administers the survey and manages participation.
  • Results: Our team analyzes responses and develops a report of findings that informs shifts in the instructional delivery model.
Actionable Insights
  • Barriers: What do teachers perceive to be the top barriers to effective implementation?
  • Engagement: What learning activities result in the highest engagement from students? How frequently are high-engagement activities being administered?
  • Equity: How effectively are supports being administered to diverse populations of students. Are the most effective strategies being prioritized?


A Comprehensive Hybrid and Remote Learning Consulting Tool

The 21st century classroom is changing. Educators are turning to hybrid and remote learning models to keep students engaged. Teachers must adapt their lesson plans to fit new models, while students are adjusting their learning processes, as well.

SchoolWorks and the Institute for Strategic Leadership and Learning (INSTLL) can help to make this process easier for everyone. Our research helps educators make good decisions about teaching and learning for their communities.

We solicit guiding input from teachers and staff members through a far-reaching online survey. Our evidence-based survey reveals strengths and areas for improvement in program content and delivery. We issue thorough reports on our findings two weeks after the surveys have been completed. Our reviews provide insights and action items that will improve hybrid learning. This hybrid learning consulting tool is thorough, easy to execute, and affordable.


How Does the Remote and Hybrid Learning Consulting Tool Work?

Our survey-based remote learning consulting tool offers an overview of instructional methods at work in your hybrid and virtual learning plan. The comprehensive insights can be used to discover whether existing strategies are performing well when it comes to getting students involved and actively working.

Our hybrid learning consulting tool was designed to address the unique challenges of remote learning. We evaluate the different ways that remote learning activities are being used. We determine the level of engagement that students have with their assigned coursework. We also test the efficiency and success of teacher- and student-led activities.

Educators can also use the hybrid learning consulting tool to detect pain points. Our data-driven process finds improvement opportunities in remote learning models.

The remote learning consulting tool can be used to create positive changes across many areas of education, including:

  • Student attendance
  • Technology issues
  • Internet access
  • Learning platform and program literacy
  • Expectation-setting for students and faculty members

Let us help you to find success in the new world of remote and hybrid learning.


Advantages of the Remote and Hybrid Consulting Services

There are many advantages to our remote and hybrid learning consulting tools. Take a look through some of these benefits below.

Ability to Identify Program Strengths and Weaknesses

Data is at the heart of the hybrid learning consulting method. Our objective research determines whether the strategies for remote instruction are successful. This research can also deliver insights about ways that the program can be improved.

Evaluation of Hybrid and Remote Teaching Methods

Our process identifies effective approaches and practices that are actively improving students’ learning. We also help educators to find new strategies that work.

Actionable Insights on Issues and Obstacles

Our team finds problems and barriers — both internal and external — that impact student learning. Our work empowers educators to tackle these problems head-on. We help them to improve their support methods and execute more powerful strategies.

Improved Educational Outcomes

Our mission is one and the same with the teachers and educators we work with: Helping students to learn more and learn better. Our process promotes changes that will help all students to succeed through hybrid and remote learning.


What to Expect from the Hybrid and Remote Learning Consulting Tool

We understand that educators’ time is at a premium. Our process collects information in a timely, unobtrusive manner. We deliver rapid feedback and insights so that you can institute changes more effectively.

Initial Preparation

Administrators give SchoolWorks the names and emails of staffers to take part in our survey.

Teacher and Administrator Surveys

Participation in the online survey takes no more than 30 minutes.

Analysis of Results

As soon as we collect all of the data, our team will conduct a thorough analysis of the results. We give school and district leaders information on ways to improve hybrid and remote learning strategies. SchoolWorks and INSTLL deliver final reports approximately two weeks after the surveys are finished.


We’ll guide school leaders on the best ways to instill the changes that our researchers recommend.

Post-Analysis Reporting and Support

School districts and organizations will receive complete reports for each participating school. We’ll provide post-research guidance on using and maximizing new remote learning strategies. We may conduct an extra survey to track and measure a school’s continuing progress as needed.


SchoolWorks offers the hybrid learning consulting services to single schools for $2,500 per survey. Districts, organizations, or multi-school networks may use our services for a reduced cost. Our teams can also offer variable, need-specific pricing.


Find Out More

SchoolWorks has partnered with over 1,000 schools, districts, and educational networks. Our new hybrid and remote learning research process is a part of our ongoing effort to improve modern education.

To see samples of our past work, visit our case studies page. When you’re ready to find out more about the ways that SchoolWorks can improve your school’s hybrid and remote learning programs, send us an online inquiry.


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