SchoolWorks Remote and Hybrid Learning Improvement Tool

Tested with a pilot of Massachusetts schools in Spring of 2020, SchoolWorks and the Institute for Strategic Leadership and Learning (INSTLL) have developed a unique research tool that provides standardized, evidence-based insight into: (1) how teachers are implementing hybrid or remote learning strategies and (2) the impact of different strategies on student engagement and learning. Using a comprehensive online survey, our team collects targeted input from teachers and staff in order to surface key strengths and challenges in program content and delivery. Schools get fast, actionable insight into what’s working, and what’s not.

Participation requires less than 30 minutes for teachers and administrators, and analysis is available within 2 weeks.

Low Effort, Quick Results:
  • Prep: The school leader provides a staff list including names and email addresses.
  • Survey: Our team administers the survey and manages participation.
  • Results: Our team analyzes responses and develops a report of findings that informs shifts in the instructional delivery model.
Actionable Insights
  • Barriers: What do teachers perceive to be the top barriers to effective implementation?
  • Engagement: What learning activities result in the highest engagement from students? How frequently are high-engagement activities being administered?
  • Equity: How effectively are supports being administered to diverse populations of students. Are the most effective strategies being prioritized?

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