The International Association of Facilitators recently presented SchoolWorks with its “Gold Facilitation Impact Award” for the facilitation work that we do in schools. This award recognizes the impact that we have in building capacity with educators and educational institutions. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that we have more than 20 team leaders who lead School and District Quality Reviews and also lead Prioritization Sessions with leaders. This is truly a team award.

Over the course of the 2012-13 school year we have worked in over 150 district and charter public schools. We have conducted SchoolWorks Prioritization Sessions in 60 of these schools. Our award recognizes both the scale of our work (in terms of the number of schools) as well as the impact that it has on districts and school leaders, particularly during Prioritization Sessions. District and school leaders continually reflect that the Prioritization Session has great impact in helping schools to take action. The Gold Facilitation Impact Award recognizes the power of the Prioritization Process in which school leaders prioritize and seek to leverage key strengths in order to meet ongoing challenges.

When we survey school and district leaders they consistently praise the facilitation skills of SchoolWorks team leaders. One district administrator who observed several sessions noted that,“[The Prioritization Process] makes the review more focused and provides a formal charge to the school staff to take the next crucial steps in meeting the essential conditions that are not yet strong.” Another school leader noted that, “It is one thing to know about your areas for improvement; it’s another thing to actually create a realistic plan to address an area in an intentional way.”

SchoolWorks team leaders share a virtual stage with other Impact Award recipients – ranging from representatives from companies like Boeing (and its 150,000+ employees) to governmental organizations like NASA. We are very proud of the work of our team and the impact that it has on schools and students.


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