Each lead partner engagement is initiated with a school quality review and the assignment of a leadership coach. Quality reviews use multiple sources of evidence to understand how well a school is performing in relation to the SchoolWorks Quality Criteria – a research-based set of standards that describe effective school practices across four domains: Instruction, Students’ Opportunities to Learn, Educators’ Opportunities to Learn, and Leadership and Governance. With evidence and findings generated from the quality review, the partnership seamlessly advances through the development of both a leadership coaching plan and a school improvement plan that integrates SchoolWorks instructional supports. The leadership coach immediately begins to build leadership capacity and assist in the implementation of improvement efforts. For example, in the Holyoke Public Schools, SchoolWorks conducted a quality review and developed an improvement plan for a turnaround school. The plan focused on improving school climate, setting instructional expectations for all teachers, and improving the school’s therapeutic intervention program. The leadership coach then began to support changes in the school’s schedule and discipline procedures to improve climate. We jointly developed clearly-written instructional expectations and teachers participated in professional development provided by SchoolWorks. Regular walkthroughs were then conducted to gauge teachers’ implementation of instructional expectations. In addition, customized instructional supports were provided to address the needs of English language learners and students in the therapeutic intervention program.

Each lead partner relationship is unique to the school in order to address its needs and goals. For example, SchoolWorks is currently collaborating with a Massachusetts school district to develop a personalized learning pilot for an existing middle school. The pilot will introduce a blend of self-directed learning, project-based earning, and mentoring to a quarter of the school’s population.


Download our Lead Partner Services fact sheet here.