SchoolWorks School Quality Reviews use multiple sources of evidence to understand a school’s performance in relation to the SchoolWorks Quality Criteria – a research-based set of standards that describe effective school practices across the four domains of Instruction; Students’ Opportunities to Learn; Educators’ Opportunities to Learn; and Leadership and Governance.

During a review, the SchoolWorks team reviews a range of evidence collected from document review, classroom visits, and interviews with key school stakeholders. Our experienced quality review team is well-trained to listen carefully to key stakeholders’ perceptions, placing a high value on engaging the school in understanding its own performance. At the end of the review, SchoolWorks may also facilitate an action-planning meeting with key school leaders and stakeholders so the school can celebrate strengths and immediately begin to address areas for improvement. Every review delivers a verbal and written report  that identifies strengths and areas for improvement.

Diagnostic Review

Whether a school has reached turnaround status or is seeking to further improve its effective practices, a SchoolWorks quality review team provides thoughtful and practical analysis to identify key levers for change. Experienced educators are trained to collect and analyze evidence on school quality in relation to a set of research-based criteria. Perhaps most importantly, our diagnostic reviews provide support for developing a prioritized improvement plan. Our work in this area has included conducting diagnostic reviews for the KIPP Foundation on a national basis and for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, among other clients.

Monitoring Review

Many state departments of education, districts, and school networks are required to monitor the implementation of grants, improvement efforts, and other initiatives. SchoolWorks designs and implements review protocols that guide the gathering, analysis, and reporting of evidence for the necessary oversight of schools. For instance, SchoolWorks conducted monitoring site visits for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education that focused on the implementation of turnaround grants in the state’s lowest-performing schools.

Personalized Learning Review

SchoolWorks Personalized Learning Reviews help schools plan for and assess their adoption of personalized learning strategies.  Our Personalized Learning Rubric provides a rating for progressive implementation success (Developing, Applying, or Mastering) across multiple indicators related to common objectives of PL programs. It is easily adaptable to school/district defined frameworks.

Renewal Site Visits

Charter school authorizers must ensure that every school in their portfolio receives a comprehensive evaluation in the final year of a contract term. SchoolWorks designs and implements renewal site visits to support authorizers’ ongoing oversight and accumulation of evidence with which to base their renewal decisions. SchoolWorks has completed renewal site visits for authorizers across the country.


Download our Quality Reviews fact sheet here.