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Robin Coyne Hull’s only regret about joining SchoolWorks is that she didn’t do so earlier in her career. “I have learned more from my time at SchoolWorks than in an entire doctorate program,” she says. “What I’ve learned here would have made me a better principal.”

Hull’s experience as a school quality and program reviewer grew out of her work as a charter school principal, including serving as the inaugural leader of the first public charter school in Massachusetts, South Shore Charter Public School, in 1995. She later worked with the state department of education on charter school applications and site visits, and became familiar with SchoolWorks when the company was selected as an evaluator of the school she was leading at the time. “I developed deep respect for the company,” she says.

In her time at SchoolWorks, Hull has served as project manager and lead for an array of school quality reviews and site visits. She has overseen school quality review programs for the National Heritage Academies and developed the program evaluation process for a federal Investing in Innovation grant winner, the Bay State Reading Institute.

Hull has also written charter school applications and renewal applications for an array of organizations and foundations. As a result, charters and renewals were awarded by Tennessee authorizers to open schools that include KIPP, Gestalt  Community Schools , Grizzlies Prep and the Power Center Academy. SchoolWorks’ long-term relationship with the National Heritage Academies allowed Hull to provide key insights on the organization’s professional development systems and the ways in which it cultivates leadership, work that “speaks to the value of having an external evaluator as a thought partner,” she says.

Hull relishes her relationships with principals and clients, as well as the ability to improve learning opportunities for students—and herself. “A lot of projects put me on a learning threshold,” she says. “My job is continual professional development because I learn from our clients and our partners every day.”

"A lot of projects put me on a learning threshold. My job is continual professional development because I learn from our clients and our partners every day."
- Robin Coyne Hull, SchoolWorks Managing Director of Quality Reviews

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