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What We Do

SCHOOLWORKS® is a national education consulting provider and certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)
with the mission of advancing all aspects of student learning and well-being by building the capacity of educators and educational institutions to assess, plan for, and achieve student success.

We work with schools, districts, networks, state departments of education, charter school authorizers, and various education agencies to support sustainable school improvement through five key service areas: Accountability and Authorizer Supports, Quality Reviews, Instructional Supports, Leadership Supports and School Developer Supports.

Our Continuum of Services



Our Educational Consulting Services

Every educator and education professional starts out with the same goal: to help students reach their full potential.  However, this is a complex undertaking impacted by a vast range of factors.  Even educators and administrators committed to providing the best possible guidance must contend with challenges related to their school, district, budgeting, and the socioeconomic conditions in their area, along with dozens of other relevant influences.


Strategic School Development Services

At SCHOOLWORKS®, we understand the complex challenges schools and districts face today, which is why we proudly offer comprehensive public and charter school consulting services.  Improving educational institutions requires support for develops, leaders, and educators.  It requires quality reviews and accountability.  While some consultants meet some of these needs, the former education professionals that make up our consulting staff provide a full range of specialized services that truly address the difficulties inherent to modern education and help to create the best possible learning environment for students.

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