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achievement and wellbeing


effective practice

Embracing accountability

for results


cultural competence

Selected Case Studies

What We Do

SchoolWorks works with schools, networks, districts, state departments of education and foundations through five key service offerings. This continuum of services allows our clients to assess the quality of their practices and build capacity for better results.

Accountability and Quality Review are used by many SchoolWorks clients to holistically assess the quality of districts and schools. Once strengths and areas for growth are understood, our partnerships often evolve to include Leadership Supports and Instructional Supports.

Our continuum of services allows us to meet each client’s needs. Explore how you can partner with SchoolWorks through one or more of our service areas.

SchoolWorks and COVID-19

Our thoughts are with all educators as they work to support students and their families during this challenging time. If your school, district, or network is tasked with developing a plan for delivering a distance learning option that may include online learning, SchoolWorks is offering a free rubric to help your team design and implement a sustainable and equitable solution.