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This unique professional development series is designed to provide deep insight into each essential authorizing function and help authorizers of all levels identify areas of need; define goals; and create, and/or refine processes and tools to support best practices aligned to improved outcomes for students.

Course instructors (and former charter school authorizers) David Hartman and Kim Perron provide context, insights, and key considerations to help authorizers establish consistent, transparent processes rooted in a guiding framework.

We are SchoolWorks – an education consulting company that has helped support hundreds of charter school authorizers by providing needs-aligned technical assistance. We have carefully condensed our premium consulting expertise into an affordable, convenient online course that authorizers can access anytime, anywhere.

We believe in the work you are doing, and we are here to help.


This online course is your personal charter school authorizing professional development mentorship program.

Our experts will move through each part of the Cycle of Effective Authorizing to help you develop skills to be a successful and effective authorizer.

As you move through each lesson, you will develop an understanding of the responsibilities charter authorizers face in their jobs, get expert help and assistance in your approach to each phase of authorizing, and learn about important do’s and don’ts that can impact the success of your efforts.

Meet Your Instructors

Kim Wechtenhiser

Kim Perron

President and Owner, SchoolWorks

Kim Perron has worked in support of high-quality authorizing for the majority of her career. As the former Associate Vice President of the State University of New York (SUNY) Charter Schools Institute, Kim led the refinement and implementation of all charter renewal-related policies and procedures, including the conduct of school renewal visits and organization of renewal inspection teams, as well as the development of all renewal reports and recommendations. On behalf of the Massachusetts Department of Education Charter School Office, she created and authored “The Opening Procedures Handbook: A Guide for Boards of Trustees and Leaders of New Charter Schools” to support new charter school leaders and founders from the granting of the charter into the school’s first year of operation. She is also the author of several policy briefs commissioned by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA), as well as the editor of the organization’s original guide to charter school closure. Kim has participated as a reviewer in several charter application cycles conducted on behalf of the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the New Jersey Department of Education, the South Carolina Public Charter School District, and Chicago Public Schools. As the President and Owner of SchoolWorks, Kim now oversees the organization’s comprehensive national authorizer support services, and continues to provide consultative support to authorizers.

David Hartman

David Hartman

Managing Director of Authorizer Supports, SchoolWorks

David Hartman is the former Managing Director of Accountability and Authorizing Supports for SchoolWorks. In his previous position as Supervisor of the Charter School Center at the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), David designed, implemented, and managed the nation’s first charter school authorizer certification process. He also led the nation’s first high-stakes charter school authorizer performance evaluation for the MDE, working with NACSA to create the Statewide authorizer evaluation criteria. During his time at SchoolWorks, David led the company’s ongoing partnership with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) to conduct more than 100 evaluations of the State’s sponsors (e.g., authorizers). He also managed new school application reviews on behalf of the Louisiana Department of Education, the Alabama State Department of Education and the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board. He has worked with individual authorizers in Indiana, Maryland, California, Alabama, Illinois, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and more to provide needs-aligned technical assistance.

Success Stories

SchoolWorks has the ability to zoom out and have an eye on best practices nationwide, yet apply it to the experience of a small state. They were able to make connections appropriate for Rhode Island and our charter sector.

Steve Osborn
Chief for Innovation
Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Through our work together, SchoolWorks developed a truly nuanced understanding of the needs of Louisiana’s students. We appreciate the company’s work as a thought partner, its high standards of quality, as well as the high levels of evidence and detail in its recommendations to the Department.

Lauren Perry
Former Executive Director of Portfolio
Louisiana Department of Education


Mini-Course 1: AUTHORIZING 101
Mini-Course 5: OVERSIGHT
Mini-Course 7: RENEWAL


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What is an Authorizer
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  • Defining a Mission and Vision
  • Staffing and Resource Allocation
  • Professional Development and Support
  • Authorizer Evaluation
  • $250


  • New School Request for Proposals
  • Application Review Process and Protocol
  • Application Decision-Making
  • $250

    performance contracting

  • What is a Contract?
  • Performance Frameworks
  • Contract Negotiation and Management
  • $250


  • What is Oversight?
  • Conducting Oversight
  • $250


  • Defining Interventions
  • Intervention Process
  • Revocation and School Closure
  • $250


  • Renewal Process and Protocol
  • Renewal Evidence
  • Renewal Communication
  • $250


    Authorizing is challenging work. We look forward to giving you the tools and insight you need to help you maximize your success.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes! These mini-courses are designed to help current charter school authorizers or educators who may be interested in becoming authorizers in the future. Our experts help you understand more about what an effective authorizer does and what effective authorizing practices look like.

    Requirements do vary among authorizers and states. SchoolWorks has successfully supported authorizers within a vast array of contexts, and our experts have a keen understanding of the local nuance and distinctions of authorizing requirements. With that in mind, these mini-courses are designed to prepare you to meet your specific local authorizing requirements, while providing overarching insight and direction that applies to all circumstances.

    Yes! This series is organized as a sequential set of mini-courses that can either be accessed as a whole or a-la-carte. Each mini-course topic focuses on a key practice and explores what effective authorizer does and what effective authorizing practices look like. You can choose different mini-courses for different individuals on your team according to their roles.

    Yes! The series is organized around SchoolWorks’ Cycle of Effective Authorizing: Office Infrastructure and Capacity; Authorization; Contracting; Oversight; Intervention; and Renewal. You can sign up for an individual mini-course to learn about a single unique step of the cycle in more detail. Individual mini-courses are an effective way to prepare staff for specialized work within the field of authorizing.

    If you wish to purchase multiple (5+) course licenses on behalf of your office or group, we can structure an invoice payment option for your department. Contact for more information.

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