Learn How to Write a Compelling Charter School Application in Twelve Easy Steps

Welcome, CHARTER School Founders!

Behind every successful charter school is a passionate group of individuals who dedicated their time and talent to envisioning a new school, garnering community support, and crafting a thoughtful and comprehensive charter school application. These are challenging, time-consuming tasks; and we celebrate pioneers like you for your commitment to innovating education.

Our team developed this course to help you successfully navigate the complex and lengthy process of developing a high-quality charter school application.

We are SchoolWorks – an education consulting company that has helped launch hundreds of charter schools by providing professional application development and evaluation services. We have carefully condensed our premium consulting expertise into an affordable, convenient online course that rising new school founders can access anytime, anywhere. We believe in the work you are doing, and we are here to help.


This course is your personal charter school application development mentorship program. Our experts will move through each section of the application, providing context, insights, and key considerations to help you develop a strong, consistent, and thorough narrative response. We will even give you insights into many of the common pitfalls that can prevent your application from gaining approval.

During the course, you will develop an understanding of the criteria authorizers will use to evaluate your application, get expert help and assistance in your approach to each section, and learn about important do’s and don’ts that can impact the success of your efforts.

This course is helpful at all stages of the process. If you have applied recently and were not approved, using our course can help strengthen your application if you choose to re-apply.

Meet Your Instructors

Success Stories

SchoolWorks was instrumental in the development and successful approval of our six charter school applications. Their work brought coherence and focus that resulted in a strong academic program supported by research and best practice that was also grounded in operational and financial stability.

Kristi Baird
Executive Director, Compass Charter Schools

Along with nationally recognized technical expertise, SchoolWorks brought a deep understanding of City Year’s core mission and goals to the charter application development process.

Jim Balfanz
President, City Year

Module One: Charter School 101
Module Two: Your Charter School Mission, Vision, and Design
Module Three: Building an Effective Charter School Board
Module Four: Building the Culture of Your Charter School
Module Five: Teacher Development at Your Charter School
Module Six: Your Charter School Academic Program
Module Seven: Building Systems to Support Diverse Learners
Module Eight: Your Charter School Assessments
Module Nine: Your Charter School Leadership
Module Ten: Hiring and Recruitment of Your Staff
Module Eleven: Your Charter School Budget and Facilities
Module Twelve: Preparing for the Capacity Interview

BONUS: How to Design a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Learning Environment

Bootcamp Packages

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Access to all course content for one individual for up to one year, including:
  • Twelve Modules
  • Project Plan Template
  • Bonus Content
  • Course Companion Piece

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    Access to all course content for one individual for up to one year, including:
  • Twelve Modules
  • Project Plan Template
  • Bonus Content
  • Course Companion Piece
  • Sample Documents

  • $1,389


    Access to all course content for one individual for up to one year, including:
  • Twelve Modules
  • Project Plan Template
  • Bonus Content
  • Course Companion Piece
  • Sample Documents
  • PLUS 10 hours of virtual
    consulting with a SchoolWorks application writer


    If you are not satisfied with the course, you may inform us within three days of your purchase to receive a full refund.


    Writing a charter application is challenging work. We look forward to giving you the tools and insight you need to help you maximize your success.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, this course is helpful at all stages of the process. Whether you are in the beginning stages of developing your application or have written a considerable portion of the content, this course will help you gain important insights that will inform your approach, or allow you to refine and improve your existing content.

    Application requirements do vary among authorizers and states. SchoolWorks has successfully supported founders and applicant groups within a vast array of contexts, and our course facilitators have a keen understanding of the local commonalities and distinctions of application requirements. With that in mind, this course is designed to help you define and meet your specific local application requirements, while providing overarching insight and direction that applies to all circumstances.

    Ideally, the more time you have to develop and refine your application, the better. We recommend that you allow yourself a minimum of three months to take this course and apply the concepts herein to your work. That said, this course is designed to move with you, at your pace. If your application development time is constrained, you may choose to move quickly through the modules, and focus on key areas that pertain to sections you are struggling to complete within your application.

    This course is designed to help founders organize and develop a strong, cohesive application narrative. Our facilitators will offer insights and solutions to optimize your writing and development of the application. To maximize your potential for success, we recommend that you assign the task of writing the application to a member of your founding team with high levels of writing skill and confidence.

    Many applications are not approved during the first round of evaluation. And if you are already familiar with the rigorous standards that will be used to evaluate your application, you are well-positioned to apply the insights and knowledge imparted by our instructors in this course to your refined and improved application.

    Introducing SchoolWorks Charter Application Bootcamp!

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