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SchoolWorks has reviewed more than 1,000 schools, districts, and networks since 1998, helping stakeholders identify the biggest levers of change.

School, District, and Network Reviews

SchoolWorks provides objective on-site Quality Reviews of academic programs conducted through document review, classroom observation, and interviews/focus groups. During our reviews, school practices are measured against SchoolWorks Quality Criteria – a research-based set of standards linked to positive student outcomes. Each review includes a verbal and written report that identifies strengths and areas of need to inform improvement planning. For more information ACCESS OUR QUALITY REVIEWS FACT SHEET.

Virtual School Quality Reviews: The New Wave in Education Assessment

A virtual school quality review is 100% virtual and employs a transparent, research-based set of standards linked to positive student outcomes in order to evaluate the effectiveness of academic programs. Regular evaluations, done though a combination of document review, surveys, interviews, focus groups, and remote observation of classroom instruction, are an integral part of what keeps schools, as well as their districts and networks, functioning at maximum potential. A non-biased evaluation can often be the difference between a good school and a great one. That’s why SchoolWorks provides in-depth virtual reviews of schools, districts, and networks, abiding by well-researched and efficacious standards to uncover opportunities for improvement within academic programs.

Whether your program is fully remote, in-person, or a hybrid model, remote school quality reviews can help you pinpoint what’s working effectively, and what needs to be changed or updated. As many learning environments are currently in the process of adjusting to a new style of instruction, quality reviews are especially important to help streamline the mastery of fully remote or hybrid education.

Remote and Hybrid Learning Improvement Tool

As schools adapt to new learning models, the barriers they face in implementing effective instruction are vastly different, and highly impacted by local context. To help schools quickly evolve their remote learning offerings to meet the unique the needs of their school community, SchoolWorks and the Institute for Strategic Leadership and Learning (INSTLL) have developed a research tool that provides fast, evidence-based insight into: (1) how teachers are implementing hybrid or remote learning strategies and (2) the impact of different strategies on student engagement and learning.

Using a comprehensive online survey, our team collects targeted input from teachers and staff in order to surface key strengths and challenges in program content and delivery. We then generate a report that provides a detailed snapshot of what teachers’ instructional delivery looks like in practice and an in-depth analysis of the current effectiveness of various specific hybrid or remote strategies on student engagement. For more information on this service, ACCESS OUR REMOTE AND HYBRID LEARNING IMPROVEMENT TOOL FACT SHEET.

Specialized Reviews

In addition to school quality reviews, we provide focused reviews such as curriculum reviews, instructional inventories, renewal site visits, monitoring site visits, and organizational assessments; as well as broader reviews such as district, network, and regional reviews.

Personalized Learning Reviews

SchoolWorks provides Personalized Learning Reviews to help schools plan for and assess their adoption of personalized learning strategies. Our research-based rubric is easily adaptable to school/district-defined frameworks. Our Managing Director of Instruction is a certified Summit Learning Support Partner and trainer. For more information, ACCESS OUR PERSONALIZED LEARNING REVIEWS FACT SHEET.

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SchoolWorks Quality Reviews are overseen by Senior Project Manager and experienced educator and administrator Robin Coyne Hull.

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