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SCHOOLWORKS® has reviewed more than 1,000 schools, districts, and networks since 1998, helping stakeholders identify the biggest levers of change.

School, District, and Network Reviews

SCHOOLWORKS® provides objective on-site Quality Reviews of academic programs conducted through document review, classroom observation, and interviews/focus groups. During our reviews, school practices are measured against SCHOOLWORKS® Quality Criteria – a research-based set of standards linked to positive student outcomes. Each review includes a verbal and written report that identifies strengths and areas of need to inform improvement planning. For more information, access our fact sheet.

Virtual School Quality Reviews

SCHOOLWORKS® Virtual School Quality Reviews employ a transparent, research-based set of standards linked to positive student outcomes in order to evaluate the effectiveness of academic programs across all settings. They are conducted 100% remotely through a combination of document review, surveys, interviews, focus groups, and remote observation of classroom instruction. For more information, click here.

Specialized Reviews

In addition to school quality reviews, we provide focused reviews such as special education program reviews, equity audits, curriculum reviews, instructional inventories, renewal site visits, monitoring site visits, and organizational assessments, as well as broader reviews such as district, network, and regional reviews.

Equity Audits

SCHOOLWORKS® offers school and district Equity Audits that deliver a qualitative and quantitative analysis of effective implementation of policies and practices associated with fostering diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments for students and staff. These specialized reviews are a key first step in unifying school stakeholders around identifying areas of need and forging strategies to build a culture that supports equity, inclusiveness, and belonging. Evidence collection typically includes document review, surveys, and interview/focus groups and may include classroom observation, an in-depth curriculum review, and/or supplemental research of best practices in comparative school and district environments. Read more about our School-Level Equity Audits and our District-Level Equity Cohorts.

Personalized Learning Reviews

SCHOOLWORKS® provides Personalized Learning Reviews to help schools plan for and assess their adoption of personalized learning strategies. Our research-based rubric is easily adaptable to school/district-defined frameworks. Our Managing Director of Instruction is a certified Summit Learning Support Partner and trainer. For more information, access our fact sheet.

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SCHOOLWORKS® Quality Reviews are overseen by Managing Director and experienced reviewer, Jay Adams.

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