Great schools are held to great expectations.

SCHOOLWORKS® helps State Departments of Education, charter school authorizers, charter management organizations, and large districts build, refine, and implement outcome-driven accountability systems.

Accountability System Supports

SCHOOLWORKS® helps create and implement comprehensive oversight systems that establish clear, transparent expectations for schools and hold them accountable for action.

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Authorizer Support and Technical Assistance

Our work in support of quality authorizing currently spans almost half of the States that have enacted charter school laws.  Our comprehensive Authorizer Support Services include:

  • The Development of Authorizing Frameworks, Standards, and Tools
  • Technical Support and Training in Authorizing Practices (both in-person and online)
  • Application Decision-Making Support
  • Renewal Decision-Making Support
  • Oversight Management Support
  • Transition to Portfolio Management Strategy for District Authorizers

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Authorizer Evaluations

SCHOOLWORKS® serves as a third-party evaluator of authorizers for multiple State Departments of Education, and provides technical assistance to authorizers to support the effective implementation of key practices.  

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Meet Our Accountability Experts

SCHOOLWORKS® Accountability Supports are overseen by President and Owner Kim Perron.

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