SCHOOLWORKS® is an education consulting company and certified women’s business enterprise (WBE) that provides a broad continuum of services to educators, administrators, institutions, and governing bodies in support of K-12 education improvement and reform. SchoolWorks provides actionable improvement support by helping schools, districts, networks, and education agencies identify strengths and weaknesses, develop and implement meaningful and achievable action plans, and monitor ongoing progress. SchoolWorks’ consultative supports span five key service areas: Accountability and Authorizer Supports, Quality Reviews, Instructional Supports, Leadership Supports and School Developer Supports.

SCHOOLWORKS® Mission and Vision

Our mission is to advance all aspects of student learning and well-being by building the capacity of educators and educational institutions to assess, plan for, and achieve student success.

Our vision is to influence and build the abilities of countless educational professionals operating in a variety of educational organizations so that they may have a positive impact on their organizations, student learning, and well-being. SCHOOLWORKS helps educational professionals imagine and do more. 
This is the SCHOOLWORKS Community of Practice.



To meet the needs of our clients, we approach our work with humility, appreciation for our fellow educators, and an understanding of the uniqueness of every school and district environment. We adhere to the following core values to inform all of our engagements:

Accountability: We believe accountability for results is an essential component of every successful organization.

Based on Evidence: We seek to understand the context and practices of schools, districts, school networks, authorizers, and communities through evidence-based processes.

Collaboration and Learning: We serve our partners best by collaborating and learning with them.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Through our work, we advance diverse, equitable, and inclusive policies both within our organization and with our partners, in order to dismantle inequalities in school communities.

Effective Practices: We identify effective practices across the education landscape, and interpret and apply them in all aspects of our work.

SCHOOLWORKS® Theory of Action

If schools engage in a cycle of 1) assessing practices against research-based criteria; 2) action planning to address real cultural, instructional, and operational challenges; 3) implementing improvement initiatives with proper supports; and 4) receiving feedback on both implementation and outcome measures, then the school’s culture and achievement results will improve while the capacity of its administrators and teachers grows.


To find out more about how SchoolWorks can help your organization, please reach out to us anytime at info@schoolworks.org. We look forward to talking to you.

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