This is what high-quality instruction looks like.

SchoolWorks offers a variety of instructional supports that aim to elevate the use of research-based effective practices linked to positive student outcomes.

Instructional Inventory

SchoolWorks helps district and school leaders assess, analyze and understand instructional strengths and weaknesses through these highly focused one-day reviews.  Related Case Study: Chelsea Public Schools

Learning Walks

SchoolWorks trains school teams to perform non-evaluative classroom visits that enable principals and teachers to reflect on learning strategies, student interaction with content, and student engagement.  Related Case Study: Lynn Public Schools 

The SchoolWorks MORE System

The SchoolWorks MORE System is an effective framework for elevating instructional quality through training in classroom observation, ongoing data collection, and data-informed professional development for teachers. Related Case Study: Chelsea Public Schools

Teacher Professional Development

SchoolWorks offers specialized teacher professional development programs to foster improved outcomes.  Related Case Studies: New York State Education Department;  Martin Luther King, Jr. Charter School of Excellence

Meet Our Experts

SchoolWorks Instructional Supports are overseen by Senior Project Manager and experienced trainer and facilitator Jake Schmitz.


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SchoolWorks and COVID-19

Our thoughts are with all educators as they work to support students and their families during this challenging time. If your school, district, or network is tasked with developing a plan for delivering a distance learning option that may include online learning, SchoolWorks is offering a free rubric to help your team design and implement a sustainable and equitable solution.