We know from research and experience that instructional and organizational leadership dramatically influence student performance. Great leadership makes great teaching and learning possible. SchoolWorks builds the capacity of principals through leadership coaching and leadership development. Whether through a one-on-one coaching relationship with an experienced coach or through participation in a summer professional development session with other principals, SchoolWorks engages school leaders in growing their capacity to serve students.

Leadership Coaching

SchoolWorks leadership coaching begins with an assessment of a school leader’s skills and capacities. The assessment includes interviews, diagnostic testing, and instructional walkthroughs. The SchoolWorks coach and school leader collaboratively develop a coaching plan with specific objectives based on this assessment. Coaching plans are designed to address school needs while building leadership capacity. In our experience, the provision of leadership coaching can also lead to our provision of SchoolWorks instructional supports.

Leadership Development

SchoolWorks leadership development is a summer program focused on helping all school leaders establish effective instructional leadership practices, whether they are new in their role or veteran school leaders. Through the program, participants will develop their understanding of high quality instruction, identify a priority instructional focus for their school, and align all support systems in the school to focus on this area. Principals leave the program with a clearly articulated action plan ready to implement in the Fall.


Download our Leadership Supports fact sheet here.