Great leadership makes great teaching and learning possible.

SCHOOLWORKS® fosters outcome-driven leadership and governance by engaging in partnerships that include coaching, training, planning, and progress monitoring services. To date, our experts have directly supported more than 150 school leaders and provided customized planning and training support for governing boards facing a variety of challenges.

Comprehensive School Improvement Services

SCHOOLWORKS® offers a progressive suite of School Improvement Services designed to build capacity among school leaders and instructional staff. The process begins with an in-depth review of the school’s current state (a School Quality Review), and continues through facilitated improvement planning, needs-aligned interventions, and progress monitoring. To ensure the success of our work, SCHOOLWORKS® Project Teams are comprised exclusively of former educators and administrators who fully understand the constraints and challenges of school environments. These qualified professionals work closely with district administration, principals, teachers, community partners, parents, students, and other providers in a collaborative and coordinated effort to meet education improvement priorities.

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Recruiting Services

SCHOOLWORKS® offers comprehensive Recruiting Services that help our clients source, identify, and hire top talent. Whether your organization is in need of a new school leader, a superintendent, or a specialized education professional; our team will lead a personalized and thorough talent search that results in the perfect hire. For more information, download our Executive Search Fact Sheet.

Leadership Coaching

SCHOOLWORKS® Leadership Coaching Programs begin with a collaboratively developed coaching plan outlining specific objectives and timelines. A combination of on-site and virtual supports ensure that milestones are met, while school leaders continually build capacity and skill.

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Plan Development and Monitoring Support

SCHOOLWORKS® Plan Development and Monitoring Supports help school leaders meet and exceed defined goals. Through a series of in-person and virtual touch points, our experts partner with school leaders to create and implement actionable needs-based annual plans that foster measurable improvement.

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Meet Our Leadership Experts

SCHOOLWORKS® Leadership Supports are overseen by Managing Director and experienced leadership trainer and coach, Betty Dao-Ivey.

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