Training for Teachers & Leaders

SchoolWorks provides a variety of custom, intensive professional development training and support sessions for teachers and school leaders. Some of our most popular workshops are featured here. Please contact our team to gain information on additional professional development trainings.

MORE System Training

Does your team know what high-quality instruction looks like? Can your instructional team members identify effective practices in-action? The 1-day SchoolWorks MORE System training features an instructor-led exploration of the evidence-based principles of effective instruction, conducted through observation and analysis of classroom videos.

  • Using the SchoolWorks Classroom Visit Tool (CVT), participants view and rate videos of instruction and norm on ratings.
  • Facilitators demonstrate how to collect and analyze observation data to reveal areas of need across a multitude of indicators.
  • Participants hone their skills through online certification to become expert observers.

Online Certification: Following the one-day training, SchoolWorks facilitates the CVT Certification process virtually. Each participant views and rates classroom instruction via online videos to demonstrate their acquired skill.

Skills in Action: When conducted at participants’ schools after the training, CVT classroom observations yield actionable insights into the strength and weakness of instructional quality across the school.

Ongoing Support: SchoolWorks provides digital tools for the collection and analysis of observation data, and customized professional development workshops based on findings.

  • A common understanding of the indicators of effective instruction
  • A system for elevating the use of best practices through observation and feedback
  • A tool for easy, efficient data collection and analysis

The SchoolWorks MORE System
  • Master. Using SchoolWorks Classroom Visit Tool, our facilitators help school leaders master the research-based criteria of high-quality classroom instruction, enabling them to easily characterize practices in action.
  • Observe. Once trained and certified in the use of the tool, school leaders conduct regular observations and provide formative feedback to teachers, using the SchoolWorks-supplied framework.
  • Rate. Collective observation ratings reveal patterns and trends across the school, district or network, enabling leaders to tailor professional development to meet real needs.
  • Elevate. Through feedback and professional development informed by progressive data, instructional capacity is elevated over time.
Learning Walk Training

A Learning Walk is a brief non-evaluative classroom visit utilizing a researched-based tool that provides principals and teachers opportunities to reflect on what students are learning, learning strategies, student interaction with the content, and student engagement. Typically focused on a specific area of practice, Learning Walks provide a framework for focused instructional improvement.

SchoolWorks 1-day Learning Walk Training features an instructor-led introduction to our Learning Walk observation protocol. Using this framework, SchoolWorks facilitators demonstrate how participants can gain meaningful instructional skills and reflect on their own practices by conducting ongoing informal peer observation. Participants learn to:

  • Recognize and identify the use of highly effective practices in-action
  • Develop a community of shared best practices
  • Learn from peers in an open and non-critical manner
  • Recognize the value of their own professional growth
  • This capacity-building training is designed for subsequent, independent facilitation by school teams
  • Administrators may self-administer Learning Walks follwing the training

Pricing and Options

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