Is your charter school facing renewal?

Depending on the date of your renewal and your internal capacity, SchoolWorks can lend support to your school team in a variety of ways. See how our services align to your renewal timeline.


Schedule a Pre-Renewal Review.
Start with a comprehensive needs assessment to gain insight into your school’s strengths and areas of need.

How it Works: SchoolWorks conducts a review aligned to your authorizer’s renewal expectations. During a 1.5-day visit, our reviewers collect evidence about your school’s overall performance via document review, surveys, interviews and focus groups, and classroom observations. On the morning of Day 2, our team orally presents the findings and hosts a live action-planning session with the school team.

Pricing: $18,700 (most schools)

Engage in Board-Level Planning.
Get board members unified about your school’s strategic direction with a workshop for the governing board focused on organizational goals for the next charter term.

How it Works: Following the review, SchoolWorks will administer a survey to board members to gain additional insight into current governance systems, structures, and practices. The survey will supplement review findings. Using both, a SchoolWorks facilitator will create and host a 1-day in-person workshop for board members that results in governance-level goals and an action plan.

Pricing: $7,500


Outsource Your Renewal Application Writing.
Get expert-level support for the writing and development of your renewal application.

How it Works: SchoolWorks assigns a seasoned application writer to assume the full responsibility for the preparation of the application. The writer gathers documents and input from your school team through a series of virtual interviews focused on fulfilling the prompts in the authorizer’s application. The draft is developed over time, with continuous input and feedback from the school team. The final document is proofread and formatted by a copy editor before it is returned to your school for submission.

Pricing: Hourly rate of $175 | Total cost: $25,000 – $35,000

Get Prepared with Virtual Mock Renewal Interviews.
Help your team prepare effectively for your authorizer’s visit by engaging in a trial run.

How it Works: SchoolWorks will host a series of virtual “mock” renewal interviews and/or focus groups with your school team over a period of 3-4 hours. Using your authorizer’s renewal evaluation criteria, our facilitator will ask tough questions, assess your team’s responses, and provide formative feedback.

Pricing: $3,000 for a 3–4-hour experience


Charter Revisions

How it Works: If your school team is considering charter revisions, a separate revision process is typically required. In most cases, revisions applications must be submitted in advance of the renewal application. For this work, SchoolWorks uses a similar process to the one utilized for application writing.

Pricing: Hourly rate of $175 | Total cost: $5,000 – $7,500

Next Steps

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us anytime at to set up a quick call with our team. We look forward to helping you navigate a successful renewal.

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