SchoolWorks Consultant

Working with SchoolWorks’ diverse client base to address national issues in education, the primary responsibility of the Consultant is to assist in execution of projects.  Consultants serve as education experts and utilize a variety of skills to provide a range of consulting services.

The services in which a Consultant may engage include:

  • School Quality Reviews – we measure a school’s performance against a set of research-based criteria in order to identify strengths and areas for improvement; develop an objective, evidence-based report on school quality; and collaborate with the school to create an action plan to improve student achievement.
  • Improvement Planning – we design a process for a school to collect and analyze data on student attainment, curriculum implementation and classroom instruction to inform school improvement planning and make decisions about how best to manage teaching and learning.
  • Leadership Coaching – our coaches collaborate with school leaders to help them develop the skills, knowledge and behavior needed to improve organizational capacity, resulting in change that is systematic and sustainable.
  • School Turnarounds – we revitalize some of the nation’s lowest-performing schools by developing actionable plans and a coherent strategy for executing those plans to enable schools to become and stay high-performing.
  • Charter School Applications  – we collaborate with clients to write quality charter school applications that present a clear, realistic picture of how the school expects to operate and inspires confidence in the applicant’s capacity to carry out the plan effectively.
  • Special Projects – we meet the unique consulting needs of our clients through intensive, focused engagements that result in a specific set of outcomes.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work collaboratively with the project manager and team to deliver services to clients as outlined in the scope of work, ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Analyze complex issues and develop tools, strategies and recommendations to build the organizational capacity of our clients in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment and school culture
  • Guide and manage teams of adults through project meetings and site visit activities, including organizing schedules and details, serving as team liaison with school and/or client, facilitating team deliberations, and leading the process of coming to findings
  • Write strong, compelling, evidence-based reports

The exceptional candidate will excel in the following competencies:

  • Stakeholder Management:  Develops strong, trusting, respectful relationships with others; is respectful to all stakeholders, even in extremely challenging circumstances.
  • Planning and Execution:  Manages time and resources effectively; prioritizes efforts according to organizational goals.  Compares actual progress to planned milestones and adjusts plans accordingly.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:  Gathers information from different sources; sifts through complexity; analyzes and synthesizes information (the big picture and details), and proposes relevant solutions.
  • Achievement Orientation: Sets challenging goals and follows through to get results.  Has a history of personal success and achieving excellence.
  • Communication:  Listens carefully; speaks and writes in a compelling way.


  • Advanced degree in education
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience working in a district or charter school, with demonstrated success and expertise in the fields of leadership, curriculum, instruction, assessment and/or school culture.
  • School administration experience and successful turnaround experience a plus
  • Strong knowledge of data-driven decision-making practices
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong project management skills
  • Superior relationship-building and relationship management skills
  • Willingness to travel

Compensation and Location

This is a contract position.  Compensation will be based on the project and commensurate with experience. Candidates must be able to travel during our peak seasons in the spring and fall.


SchoolWorks is an equal opportunity employer.

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