Planning for Equity is hard work.

Don't go it alone.

Join the 2024 Advancing Equity Cohort .

Get Help.

The work of creating an affirming, inclusive, and equitable learning environment for all students begins with a plan – a plan that is rooted in data, framed by achievable goals, aligned to existing resources, and tied to measurable outcomes. The Advancing Equity Cohort was created by SchoolWorks to help schools meet this complex challenge.

Team Up.

As part of the Advancing Equity Cohort (AEC), your school team will join other regional school teams in a guided learning experience that results in the creation and early-stage implementation of an equity focused action plan.

The AEC is:

– A guided community of practice focused on step-by-step equity planning (needs assessment, root cause analysis, prioritization, goal setting, and strategy selection).

– Led by an expert facilitator specializing in equity-focused improvement.

– Designed to foster a lasting peer support network among school teams facing similar challenges

Move the Work Forward.

Membership in the AEC results in a custom equity-focused action plan for your school and ongoing support for early-stage implementation. Members also gain networked support for the critical systems-level thinking inherent in this work.

What is the AEC?

The Advancing Equity Cohort is a guided community of practice focused on step-by-step equity planning.


Membership from each school includes the school leader plus one additional leadership team member.

Program Overview

Led by an AEC facilitator, all members participate in:

– Two (2) half-day in-person workshops

– Four (4) 1-hour virtual cohort meetups

– Six (6) one-on-one coaching calls


The 2024 AEC will begin in March 2024 and continue through June 2025.


AEC member schools gain expert guidance and peer support as they develop and implement a needs-aligned equity-focused action plan

AEC 2023 - The Summit Summer Workshop in Boston

Program Timeline


March 2024 – Pre-Work Needs Assessment

April 2024 – In-Person Workshop (in-state)
“Deep Dive Into Planning”

May 2024 – 1-on-1 Coaching Call

June 2024 – Virtual Cohort Meetup #1

July/August 2024 – 1-on-1 Coaching Call

September 2024 – Virtual Cohort Meetup #2



October 2024 – 1-on-1 Coaching Call

November 2024 – Virtual Cohort Meetup #3

January 2025 – 1-on-1 Coaching Call

February 2025 – In-Person Workshop (in-state)
“Pivoting with Challenges”

March 2025 – 1-on-1 Coaching Call

April 2025 – 1-on-1 Coaching Call

June 2025 – Virtual Cohort Meetup #4

AEC Topics of Exploration:

– Developing a Mission, Vision, Goals, and CoreValues that Reflect a Strong Commitment to DEI

– Systemic Challenges and Change Management

– Elevating Equity in School Environments

– Anti-Racist Practices

– Fostering DEI in Staff Culture

Get Started.

The 2024 AEC is accepting new schools until January 5 on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Limited spots are available.

To sign up or find out more, contact Jennifer Strock at

Meet the Advancing equity Cohort facilitators

All of our expert facilitators are former school leaders who specialize in both leadership development and DEI improvement in their ongoing coaching work. The facilitator will lead group meetups and provide differentiated one-on-one coaching to each school team that is aligned to needs.


Equity-focused improvement is challenging work. As you consider your next steps on this journey, please reach out to us. We are happy to schedule a Zoom call to learn more about your support needs.

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