Equity-Focused Improvement Supports for Districts

Reliable Support and Assistance for Equity-Focused Initiatives

At SCHOOLWORKS®, we are committed to fostering practices that promote equitable environments for all students. Our team is currently engaged in a multitude of efforts that directly support schools and districts in elevating the equity of learning opportunities and outcomes in schools.

School-Level Equity Audits
Engaging in an Equity Audit is a key first step in unifying stakeholders around identifying areas of need and forging strategies to promote an antiracist school culture. This focused evaluation delivers a qualitative and quantitative analysis of effective implementation of policies and practices associated with fostering diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments for students and staff.

Equity-Focused Improvement Planning Cohorts
The work of creating an affirming, inclusive, and equitable learning environment for all students begins with a plan that is rooted in data, framed by achievable goals, aligned to resources, and tied to measurable outcomes. To help your district support individual school teams in meeting this complex challenge, SCHOOLWORKS® will facilitate a year-long professional development program for your collective school leadership teams focused on step-by-step equity planning. The experience will result in a custom equity-focused action plan for each school.

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