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Getting the Most Out of Strategic Planning

Facilitated on behalf of The Charter Support Unit, this session shows school leaders how to establish or refine their annual process of determining goals and strategies for the upcoming year. It is led by SchoolWorks’ Managing Director of Leadership Supports, Betty Dao-Ivey, who has supported more than 150 school leaders through successful plan development and implementation.

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8 Key Tips for Writing a Successful Charter School Application

In this free webinar, our experts will share essential advice and strategies to help new school founders develop a strong, successful charter school application.

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Previously Recorded Online Events

Technical Assistance for Authorizers: Special Education

Aired August 26, 2021

As charter schools face increasing scrutiny of their policies and practices pertaining to special education, authorizers may perceive a need to provide technical support to portfolio schools and/or set compliance outcomes. Defining appropriate intervention and involvement on a systems level can help authorizers better understand the parameters of their role and inform their use of best practices. This live session was designed to help authorizers understand their role pertaining to special education and charter school oversight.

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Now What? A Discussion for Authorizers and Schools about Learning Loss and Academic Performance Expectations

Aired May 26, 2021, featuring:

  • Erin Kupferberg, Senior Manager of Financial and Academic Quality at the DC Public Charter School Board
  • Jason Sarsfield, Deputy Director at The Governor John Engler Center for Charter Schools at Central Michigan University
  • Chancey Anderson, Co-Founder/CEO School Development at Prodeo Academy in Minneapolis

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Authorizing: Shifting to Remote Site Visits

Aired October 8, 2020, featuring:

  • Paula Barney and Jermaine Curtis, Rhode Island Department of Education Charter School Office
  • Brittany Monda, Shelby County Schools

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Pandemic: The Return to School Roadmap

SchoolWorks hosted this free webinar to share ideas, challenges, and strategies surrounding the safe, efficient, and equitable return to school as framed by the Return to School Roadmap.
Aired May 13, 2020, featuring:

  • Juliette Cricket Heinze of Opportunity Labs
  • J. Scott Cascone, Superintendent of West Orange School District, New Jersey

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Renewal in the Absence of State Assessments: A Conversation Among Authorizers

SchoolWorks hosted a closed virtual session for active authorizers on April 29, 2020. More than 40 authorizers from 16 states took part, representing school districts, state education agencies, independent charter boards, and higher education institutions with a wide array of portfolio sizes. To remove barriers for participation, SchoolWorks hosted this session with the protection of anonymity, but is pleased to share these key discussion points with the community at large.

Aired April 29, 2020
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Pandemic: Balancing Accountability, Support, and Autonomy With Charter School Distance Learning Plans

Aired April 20, 2020, featuring:

  • Susie Miller Carello, Executive Director, State University of New York Charter Schools Institute
  • Janelle Bradshaw, Superintendent, Public Prep Network
  • Roger Kligerman, Director of Quality & Accountability, School District of Philadelphia Charter Schools Office
  • Essence Caleb, Director of Strategy, Operations, and Engagement, School District of Philadelphia Charter Schools Office

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Pandemic: Sharing Key Considerations for Remote Learning

Aired April 15, 2020, featuring:

  • Nicholas Kim, Director of District and School Success at Summit Learning (T.L.P. Education)
  • Kristen Watkins, Director of Personalized Learning at Dallas Independent School District
  • Darby West, School Leader at KIPP Sunshine Peak Elementary in Colorado

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Pandemic: Charter School Renewal Decisions in the Absence of State Assessment Results

Aired April 6, 2020, featuring:

  • David Frank, ED, Charter School Office, New York State Education Department
  • Angela Alvarez, ED, Office of New Initiatives, Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Jason Sarsfield, Deputy Director, Center for Charter Schools at Central Michigan University

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Charter School Oversight Through The Pandemic

Aired March 30, 2020, featuring:

  • Peng Chao, Executive Director, School District of Philadelphia Charter Schools Office
  • Tess Stovall, Director of Charter Schools, Tennessee State Board of Education
  • Jason Sarsfield, Deputy Director, Center for Charter Schools at Central Michigan University

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