The purpose of the New Business Incentive Compensation Plan is to motivate and reward SchoolWorks project managers and consultants for contributing to new and increased business through proactive action.

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All SchoolWorks Project Managers and Consultants (active or inactive) are eligible to participate. The incentive reward is $500. There are two eligible circumstances: 

New Business, New Account

SchoolWorks will reward a team member for a proactive action that results in a contract with a new account through direct referral. The resulting contract must exceed $10,000. A new account is defined as an organization that has not contracted with SchoolWorks within the past two years.

Qualifying Example: My former colleague is a school leader at a charter school.  At a conference, I talk extensively about SchoolWorks School Quality Reviews, and he asks for more information. I send an email introducing him to Kim, and a contract results.  

Non-Qualifying Example: I led an SQR at a school. The principal subsequently recommended SchoolWorks to his personal colleague, resulting in a contract. (This is a client referral. It is a result of the client making the personal recommendation.)

Increased Business, Existing Account

SchoolWorks will reward a team member for a proactive action that results in a new contract with a current client in a completely new service area. The contract must exceed $10,000 and the scope of work must reflect a service that has never been contracted by this client.

Qualifying Example: I am a team lead on an SQR.  After prioritization, I mention to the school leader that SchoolWorks offers instructional supports.  She is interested.  I send an email connecting her to Kate, and a contract for The MORE System results. 

Non-Qualifying Example: I led an SQR at a school. The the school leader subsequently reached out to Kim about action planning without my mentioning it. (This is a repeat client. It is not unusual for a client to independently call SchoolWorks for more help.)

 What constitutes a referral?

  1. A qualifying proactive action by you
  2. A resulting new contract in excess of $10,000

 Ways to refer business

  1. Set up an initial conference call or meeting with the SchoolWorks Leadership Team and/or with Business Development and your prospect for the purpose of discussing a potential opportunity.
  2. Forward an email introduction to the SchoolWorks Leadership Team and/or Business Development to initiate conversations with your prospect after you have identified a potential opportunity.
SchoolWorks is looking to reward your proactive action. If you feel your referral qualifies, please apply online here.

To receive compensation, the SchoolWorks Employee or Consultant must be in good standing with the company at the time of the incentive plan payout (which will occur within 90 days of the contract execution).

The revised plan is effective as of January 1, 2020.

Thank you for contributing to our growth!

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