The SchoolWorks Advancing Equity Cohort

A Year-Long Equity-Focused Improvement Journey

In 2023, SchoolWorks will celebrate 25 years of providing needs-aligned improvement supports to schools, districts, and education agencies. In honor of this milestone, and in recognition of the challenges currently faced by schools, our team has launched a unique year-long program aimed at elevating the impact of equity-focused school improvement.

We’ve assembled a pair of experts specializing in diversity, equity, and inclusion to engage with leadership teams from five partner schools across the county. Together, they’ll move through a structured support program focused on improving equity outcomes through shared learnings. The goals of the year-long cohort are:

  • Surface common strengths and areas of need
  • Unpack complex systematic challenges
  • Identify strategies to elevate the equity of school environments
  • Provide peer-based support for strategy implementation

To measure progress, the experience is framed by two Equity Audits, the first in the Fall of 2022 and the second in the Fall of 2023. Findings will be documented and shared for the purpose of advancing equity-improvement work across the sector.

Meet the AEC Partner Schools!
SchoolWorks is pleased to partner with equity-focused leadership teams from these five schools, who are embracing this unique opportunity to grow and learn with us:

  1. New Heights Charter Academy – New York, NY (grades 5-12)
  2. Crosstown High School – Memphis, TN (grades 9-12)
  3. KIPP Houston Dream Prep – Houston, TX (grades Pre-K-4)
  4. Laurens Preparatory Academy – Laurens, SC (grades 6-12)
  5. William (Bill) Roberts School – Denver, CO (grades K-8)

Join the Equity Journey!
If you are a school leader, please complete our free Equity Assessment Survey.  Based on SchoolWorks’ Equity Audit Protocol, the survey is designed to help you think through the effectiveness of your current systems, policies, and processes in providing an equitable learning environment for all students.  Upon completing the survey, you’ll receive insights into how other school leaders, like you, identified their own strengths and challenges.  This feedback will help you understand your context within the greater education community, so that you can prepare for next steps.  

Let’s keep talking!

For information on SchoolWorks equity-focused supports, please reach out to us at

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