Writing a renewal application and preparing for a renewal evaluation visit can be a daunting set of tasks—especially for a leadership team responsible for the day-to-day operation of a school. As a thought partner, SCHOOLWORKS® can help your school team manage the steps of this process, define and articulate the best case for renewal, and thoroughly prepare for your authorizer’s visit.

SCHOOLWORKS® can provide support for your Renewal Application Preparation via full-scale writing support or feedback on your developing draft. And if needed, SCHOOLWORKS® can conduct a Mock Renewal Site Visit to further prepare your school team and alleviate anxiety in advance of the official evaluation. For more information, check out SchoolWorks Renewal Supports Overview and see how we supported KIPP: Tech Valley.

Introducing SchoolWorks Charter Application Bootcamp!

Thinking of launching a charter school? Not sure where to begin? Check out our new online course, brought to you by the trusted experts at SchoolWorks.