Case Study: Accountability System Development

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As it expanded its network of charter schools, National Heritage Academies contracted SchoolWorks to provide quality reviews and identify trends across campuses. Then, as NHA began looking at revamping curriculum, creating a data warehouse, and implementing formative assessments, the relationship shifted, with SchoolWorks emerging as a critical, independent third-party voice as the CMO began the challenging work of systems change.

The Challenge
  • Work with NHA leadership to develop a list of procedures for opening and operating new schools, as well as protocols for site reviews and trend report
SchoolWorks Approach
  • Build internal capacity by developing a series of protocols that allowed NHA officials to examine teaching and learning, finance, and other internal procedures and provide feedback to each school’s leader, as well as track trends across the entire organization
The Results
  • One of the most sophisticated data systems in K-8 education, a robust assessment system, and a comprehensive curriculum aligned with formative assessments
  • Greater internal capacity, and the ability to sustain efforts moving forward
Dates: 2010 – 2014

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