Case Study: Regional Network Reviews

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As KIPP’s aggressive growth strategy shifted to a regional approach, the CMO sought SchoolWorks’ help in adapting its school quality review process to assess the quality of its regional central offices.

The Challenge
  • Develop a regional review process aligned with the CMO’s school review accountability measures
SchoolWorks Approach
  • Work with KIPP leaders to develop protocols for regional reviews, which assess the operations, communication structures, and leadership systems of KIPP’s regional offices
  • Incorporate the indicators of school health developed by KIPP at both the school and regional level
The Results
  • SchoolWorks helped build KIPP’s formative feedback structures and establish a common language around the CMO’s school health indicators throughout its network
  • KIPP leaders at all levels rated SchoolWorks services highly, saying that the review process helped them focus on the organization’s frameworks guiding school health
  • SchoolWorks conducted eight regional reviews over the course of the engagement, and now works with KIPP to facilitate individual school reviews annually
Dates: 2010 – 2016


"KIPP has always been a reflective organization, but our collaboration with SchoolWorks has strengthened our common understanding of effective school and regional health. SchoolWorks not only worked with us to adapt their protocols to align with our indicators, but also continuously re-visited and revised the protocol as our organization evolved, indicating that they truly understood our needs and culture of constant learning."
- Julia Martin, Process Management Director, KIPP Foundation

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