Case Study: Charter Application Decision Management
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As the Louisiana Department of Education (LDE) sought to refine its approach to new charter school reviews, SchoolWorks provided both expertise and seasoned experts to support the state agency through all stages of the authorization process.

The Challenge
  • Update the process of charter application evaluation to better consider the needs faced by students in different parts of Louisiana
SchoolWorks Approach
  • Work collaboratively with LDE to refine the rubric and criteria used to evaluate charter school applications
  • Develop criteria and conduct due diligence reviews of applicant backgrounds and experience
  • Provide support for LDE’s evaluation process, from the initial application review through revisions, capacity interviews, and final recommendations to the Department
The Results
  • LDE’s multi-stage review process now includes an initial review of application materials, an interview with each applicant team, and a due diligence review of the applicant organization
  • To date, SchoolWorks has reviewed and made more than 100 authorization recommendations to LDE, with a 90% average rate of alignment between SchoolWorks recommendations and authorization decisions made by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
Dates: 2013-present


"Through our work together, SchoolWorks developed a truly nuanced understanding of the needs of Louisiana’s students. We appreciate the company’s work as a thought partner, its high standards of quality, as well as the high levels of evidence and detail in its recommendations to the Department."
- Lauren Perry, LDE Executive Director of Portfolio



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