Kim Wechtenhiser

Kim Wechtenhiser began her career as an educator in a familiar setting — her own high school — and with a common first-year teaching experience.  “I taught off a wheeled cart in a high school with three floors,” she says. “It was a whirlwind introduction to my career in education.” Wechtenhiser’s subsequent... read more

Kate Wheeler

Kate Wheeler took a job with the District of Columbia Public Schools to play a role in improving one of the nation’s most struggling school districts. As manager of the implementation and daily operations of DCPS’ groundbreaking IMPACT teacher evaluation system, she saw firsthand the effect that the right kind of feedback... read more

Robin Coyne Hull

Robin Coyne Hull’s only regret about joining SchoolWorks is that she didn’t do so earlier in her career. “I have learned more from my time at SchoolWorks than in an entire doctorate program,” she says. “What I’ve learned here would have made me a better principal.” Hull’s experience as a school quality and... read more

Betty Dao

Betty Dao’s career path took an unexpected turn after attending a Teach for America informational session in Maryland. Already employed full-time as a marketing manager, she decided to quit her job, joining TFA as an elementary school teacher in Baltimore. As the second in her family to graduate from college, she found... read more

Felicia DeMay-Berman

Felicia DeMay-Berman first joined SchoolWorks in the early days of the company as an administrative assistant, but she gained a reputation as a savvy editor at the very first staff meeting she attended. Formerly a member of William M. Mercer Inc.’s communications department, DeMay-Berman took one look at a marketing piece... read more