Betty Dao-Ivey

Betty Dao-Ivey is the Managing Director of Leadership Supports for SchoolWorks. She has worked with hundreds of school leaders across the country to provide professional development and coaching support focused on data-informed action planning and successful plan implementation. As part of this effort, Betty leads the... read more

Felicia DeMay-Berman

Felicia DeMay-Berman first joined SchoolWorks in the early days of the company as an administrative assistant, but she gained a reputation as a savvy editor at the very first staff meeting she attended. Formerly a member of William M. Mercer Inc.’s communications department, DeMay-Berman took one look at a marketing piece... read more

Michelle Doane

Michelle Doane is a consultant with SchoolWorks. She has served in multiple capacities in the educational environment and has worked closely with both traditional district and charter schools. In her work with the Nashville Symphony, she led the creation and implementation of a music education program in select schools... read more

Michelle Drumm

Michelle Drumm is the Project Assistant at SchoolWorks. She provides ongoing support for all SchoolWorks staff and consultants in order to maintain the company’s standards of quality, efficiency, and excellence across all engagements. Michelle brings more than 15 years of legal administrative experience to SchoolWorks. She... read more

Kara Dunn

Kara Dunn is a consultant with SchoolWorks. As school quality reviewer, she has been a frequent team lead or team writer for school quality reviews and charter renewal visits in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. She is also the CEO and consultant of ApogeeVision – a... read more

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