Case Study: Leadership Coaching
Strategic planning: Two women looking at sticky notes on a blackboard.

After opening three new campuses, Public Prep, a network of 3 tuition-free single-sex public charter schools across 5 campuses in New York City, asked SchoolWorks to develop intensive coaching supports for the network’s school leaders to support the school improvement plans.

The Challenge
  • Build the capacity of each building leader and their leadership teams
  • Maximize the investment of time and resources
SchoolWorks Approach
  • Use data from School Quality Reviews (previously conducted by SchoolWorks) to inform action planning at each school
  • Develop an individualized coaching plan for each school leader, incorporating data from the school review, the results of a leadership style assessment, and the goals of the school improvement plan
  • Create and implement a hybrid coaching model that provides consistent, ongoing feedback for each school leader via monthly in-person visits supplemented by frequent virtual coaching sessions conducted online
  • Use video as a tool for effective off-site feedback and support
  • Facilitate monthly meetings with Public Prep leaders to ensure that the network’s supports align with each school leader’s individual and school-wide goals
The Results
  • According to Public Prep’s CEO, the impact of this effort extended beyond the individual schools to inform the network’s overarching strategic plan
Dates: 2013 – 2016


"SchoolWorks helped us as a leadership team break through barriers that we had not been able to break through before. As we work to educate empathetic, curious scholars who care about the world and know they have the power to change it, we’re more deeply realizing how big a lever instructional quality is, and our school leaders are now more focused to make sure all our scholars gain access to the opportunities they deserve."
- Ian Rowe, Chief Executive Officer, Public Prep Network

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