Sarah Rapa

Having participated in the development of more than 30 charter school applications and renewals, Sarah Rapa credits her experience as a college writing instructor and her study of English and literature with helping distill each school’s vision for authorizers. “My focus is at the systems level, and I have the ability... read more

Kim Perron

Kim Perron began her career as an educator in a familiar setting — her own high school — and with a common first-year teaching experience.  “I taught off a wheeled cart in a high school with three floors,” she says. “It was a whirlwind introduction to my career in education.” Perron’s subsequent experience... read more

Kate Wheeler

Kate Wheeler took a job with the District of Columbia Public Schools to play a role in improving one of the nation’s most struggling school districts. As manager of the implementation and daily operations of DCPS’ groundbreaking IMPACT teacher evaluation system, she saw firsthand the effect that the right kind of feedback... read more

Robin Coyne Hull

Robin Coyne Hull is a consultant with SchoolWorks and the company’s former Managing Director of School Quality Reviews. In her time at SchoolWorks, Hull has served as project manager and lead for an array of school quality reviews and site visits. She has overseen school quality review programs for the National Heritage... read more

Ledyard McFadden

The roots of Ledyard McFadden’s exposure to school reform came by way of Costa Rica. After teaching there as part of a Harvard-affiliated program called World Teach, the SchoolWorks founder took a job as a high school ESL teacher in Chelsea, Mass., at around the same time the district was put into receivership by the... read more

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