Case Study: School Quality Reviews

Students in a classroom

SchoolWorks collaborated with Cleveland Metropolitan School District (the second-largest school district in the State of Ohio) to develop a protocol for a standardized school quality review process, and conduct reviews throughout the District to inform its school performance framework.

The Challenge
  • Support the District in gathering baseline qualitative data to inform its school performance framework
  • Provide capacity-building support to District team members to facilitate annual reviews
SchoolWorks Approach
  • Work collaboratively with CMSD to design a protocol aligned to the District’s initiatives and school performance framework and principal evaluation tools
  • Provide a process for supporting individual school leadership teams in prioritizing key findings to inform an action plan
  • Train CMSD team members on the protocol and process to ensure consistency throughout implementation
  • Provide expertise and support in the facilitation of 25-40 annual school reviews
  • Increase the District’s capacity by providing ongoing professional development for CMSD staff members
The Results
  • SchoolWorks and CMSD collaboratively established a standardized protocol and process for the reviews
  • SchoolWorks supported CMSD in the ongoing review of all 105 District schools, with 25+ visits conducted annually
  • As part of this process, each school developed a customized action plan addressing one of their most pressing needs
  • The tools and processes of this engagement are posted on the CMSD website here
Dates: 2015-present


"CMSD appreciates the depth of our relationship with the SchoolWorks team. SchoolWorks has been responsive to the District’s success-oriented feedback, and continues to refine and improve the process with the goal of improving teaching and learning for the children of Cleveland."
- Jill Cabe, School Quality Review Coordinator


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