Case Study: Strategic Planning

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After revisions to the New York Charter Schools Act in 2010, the New York State Education Department reached out to SchoolWorks to develop procedures and standards aligned with both the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) formalized principles of quality authorizing, and generally accepted quality authorizing practice taking place across the country.

The Challenge
  • Develop a strategic planning document aligned with the Department’s successful $113 million federal Charter Schools Program grant application
  • Identify core values to guide the charter office in its ongoing work with charters
SchoolWorks Approach
  • Collaborate on a framework consistent with both quality authorizing principles and state law
  • Identify the core mission and vision of the office by surveying charter school leaders and authorizers, researchers, and policymakers across the state
  • Facilitate internal conversations to ensure that the Department’s charter school staff is engaged in the process
The Results
  • A stronger authorizing process and a strategic plan that has guided the Department’s work
  • Significant improvements in policy, practice and operating procedures, according to State officials
Dates: 2011 – 2012


"“]The strategic plan has allowed us to shift roles and streamline processes to make our work more efficient and our experience and contact with schools more logical and appropriate. As a result of this work, we believe we have struck the right balance in our role as an authorizer and an oversight body."
- Sally Bachofer, Assistant Commissioner of School Innovation

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