Case Study: Talent Management

Woman shakng hands (just hired).

When the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education established the District and School Assistance Centers (DSACs), a network of regional support teams to work with underperforming districts and schools, SchoolWorks was charged with recruiting, hiring and supporting former school administrators to join the teams.

The Challenge
  • Identify and recruit support facilitators for regional centers
  • Sustain consistent quality across facilitators in six regional centers
  • Ensure implementation of Department tools and resources in the manner intended
SchoolWorks Approach
  • Recruit and oversee the placement of highly-qualified support facilitators
  • Develop protocols and resources for support facilitators in collaboration with the Department
  • Provide regular professional development and planning sessions to address implementation issues and monitor the use of new skills and knowledge
  • Facilitate district and school-based learning walk-throughs
  • Lead monthly meetings with support facilitators to share best practices and promote problem-solving
The Results
  • In post-implementation surveys, 94% of school and district leaders reported overall satisfaction with DSAC, including 70% who said they were “very satisfied”
  • More than nine in ten said that DSAC was “valuable to their improvement efforts”
Dates: 2010 – 2017


"[DSAC] gave us direction and helped focus districts on what they need to do and where they need to go. In that sense, they have been instrumental, at least in my district, in helping us move forward."
- Massachusetts District Leader

SchoolWorks and COVID-19

Our thoughts are with all educators as they work to support students and their families during this challenging time. If your school, district, or network is tasked with developing a plan for delivering a distance learning option that may include online learning, SchoolWorks is offering a free rubric to help your team design and implement a sustainable and equitable solution.