Case Study: Charter Application Decision Management

SchoolWorks collaborated with RIDE to refine its charter application process and RFP criteria, then evaluated charter applications for state board approval.

The Challenge
  • Develop and oversee a transparent review process reflective of the growing body of knowledge about what makes charter schools effective.
SchoolWorks Approach
  • Develop a clear and consistent process for application decision management focused on eliciting key evidence from applicants
  • Evaluate current application criteria against nationwide best practices
The Results
  • Enhanced application tools and processes
  • Expert-facilitated application evaluation leading to 1,770 quality new charter seats during the first year alone
  • 100% rate of alignment between SchoolWorks recommendations and Rhode Island Department of Education authorizing decisions
Dates: 2016-present


"SchoolWorks has the ability to zoom out and have an eye on best practices nationwide, yet apply it to the experience of a small state. They were able to make connections appropriate for Rhode Island and our charter sector."
- Pascale Pierre, RIDE Charter School Specialist

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