Vice President of Business Development
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Before joining SchoolWorks as its first Vice President of Business Development, Jennifer Strock worked in media marketing and business development at a variety of national magazines. But it was a stint as executive director of an afterschool fitness program that sparked her interest in education.

“I had the opportunity to gain exposure to the vastly different educational environments that exist even within my own small community,” Strock says of her time as executive director of Girls on the Run in Reading, Pennsylvania.

As a marketing director and associate publisher of the fitness-focused SHAPE Magazine, Strock developed expertise with business development and responding to client needs — roles that drew her to SchoolWorks.

“Every given client has needs and objectives that are different from others, and I have worked to deliver on those expectations,” Strock says. “SchoolWorks combines my background in marketing and client relationships with my newfound interest in education.”

Strock, who just completed her first half-marathon, says SchoolWorks’ emphasis on change and improving student outcomes drew her to the company. “SchoolWorks is definitely not an organization where people are married to the same old way of doing things,” she says.  “There’s a lot of consideration given to the future of education and its impact on the services and expertise that will become a vital component of progress. The organization cultivates that forward-looking thinking.”

"SchoolWorks is definitely not an organization where people are married to the same old way of doing things. The organization cultivates forward-looking thinking."
- Jennifer Strock, SchoolWorks Director of Business Development



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